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Having recently conducted a review into the websites of a few of our longstanding clients across our different sectors, the findings are remarkably similar.

We used qualitative research to speak to the users of these clients’ websites and found the following key themes:


First impressions count. Overloading your website users with too much content on the homepage is overwhelming. “Less is more” definitely rings true here – users want websites to be simple, clutter free, and with just relevant content on the homepage and specialised pages. Duplication of content is heavily criticised.


A user journey is essential. Website users want to be guided through a website having intuitive headings and navigation on each page, linking pages and providing a logical flow is key.

Search function

Advanced search facilities (including a key word match, limiting the number of results found, etc.) are the way to go to return accurate results otherwise users will likely default to external search facilities to find what they are looking for. And this does nothing for your click through rate!


A clean, simple design is the preferred look for website users. Visual infographics and flow diagrams are welcomed over text heavy pages to explain a subject area such as a business model, membership bands or a new product for example. Identifiable branding is also seen to be what makes a website stand out.

With the average number of different websites visited in a typical week by a UK adult at 20 sites*, getting your website right is key. After all, it is the gateway into your business. The challenge is designing an effective website that caters for all of your target audiences.

What does your target audience (customers/members/clients/new potential employees and so on…) think of your website?

Having recently upgraded our own website, we understand the hard work that goes into designing and developing a good website for your business and target audience.

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By Lauren Harris, Research Executive

*Source: Ofcom Adult’s Media Use and Attitudes Report 2014.

This entry was tagged Communication, Mobile friendly, Target audience and posted on May 29, 2015

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