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What does your audience want from you?

I think there’s a general consensus that content is king. Whether it be audial, visual or in text form the relevance of the content delivered is critical in engaging the desired audience.

I read an article published recently by the CIM on Linkedin about ‘the future of Digital Marketing’. The comments beneath were really interesting and got me thinking...

A lot of the discussion was around video – ‘With Cisco forecasting 80% of web content will be video based by 2018.’ The benefits being; its flexibility in terms of the devices it can be delivered across and its ability to convey its message within the average adult’s attention span of 8 seconds (1 second less than a goldfish!)

Points were made about the ‘two-way dialogue’ digital content can create between brands and their target audiences and the in-the-moment ability to communicate.

Services such as ‘Beacon technology’ allows retailers to send consumers direct links to offers and promotions in store, based on the location of that shopper via the GPS on their smartphone. Providing content that couldn’t be more relevant to the consumer at that precise moment!

Video features on YouTube such as ‘TrueView’ allow consumers to literally ‘shop through’ the video they’re watching with direct product links advertised. The adverts are only charged if the viewer clicks to watch the full advert. This increases the regularity of interesting content for the audience as YouTube (via Google) weeds out videos that don’t provide the viewer with content they feel is relevant to them.  

So with content being king – how do you know what your audience wants to hear?

One of the methods mentioned in the comments on Linkedin was data targeting, but how do you know in your potentially infinite pool of audiences exactly what those targeted people want to hear?

As a 25 year old female I would fit a certain demograph, but my deep love for Liverpool football club and early 90’s hip hop might not be ‘typical’ of the rest of my peer group.

The answer?

Invest in insight to inspire your content.

Use research. Build relationships with research agencies, build in house capabilities to research into your potential / target audiences so that you have the insight to understand what these people really want to hear. Not what you think they do.

There are almost endless opportunities for brands to connect directly with groups and individuals within their target audiences. But in order to capitalise on these opportunities you must first invest in understanding what content will engage your audience. 

Bridget Leonard, Marketing Executive

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