What you didn't know about the RbD team...

As it is our 21st anniversary this year the team are feeling nostalgic and reminiscing about their personal highlights over the past 21 years. We thought we'd share some of the best  memories from our colleagues for your entertainment! 

Our Associate Director Dave, won the FA Cup last season.  Well, to be precise…our AD coaches a team of Under 10's who did all the hard work and won a County FA tournament last season.  Nearly the same thing!

AD Dave

Our AD Rich had a few surprising achievements up his sleeve...

*In 1997 he was the UK’s youngest freefall skydiver (16 years and a few days).

*In Doctor Who, Tom Baker had a friendly helper called Richard Mace. The character appeared the season after he wrote in for Tom Baker’s autograph... Coincidence ???

*In his first role Rich inadvertently sent an email message to the MD of a large organisation, calling him ‘king of the monkeys’ much to the amusement of his colleagues.

*When he started in Data Processing in 1995, his team had 1 PC between the entire department and programmers used ‘green screened’ VDU monitors. (Just to make Rich feel better about this - our colleague Lauren started in reception the same year).

We knew Lindsey would have some superstar achievements behind her - coming from the girl who runs AND cycles before work... But we didn't expect these...

She was once the junior champion of the Leamington Angling Association, taking home a trophy that was almost as big as she was! (And beating all the boys)    

Lindsey fun factLindsey fun fact

Also when she was at school she was selected to represent the UK at two international Guide and Scout jamborees, the first of which was held in Denmark, the second was held in Russia!

Our AD Becky's market research career has spanned 3 countries! She's worked in the USA (New York) France (Paris) and UK (London & Birmingham) - and says the research challenges are very similar in all three! 

She also baked 350 cookies in one day for her wedding favours. 

And was once sick on a dolphin. She says her Mum did warn her Dad she got sea sick, but he didn't listen and on a boat trip in Tenerife ... well you know the rest. 

Wonder what the next 21 years will bring? 

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