When actions speak louder than words for membership organisations

One of the issues that constantly raises itself in Research by Design’s projects with membership organisations is the need for strong and relevant representation.

Representation can be the primary motivating factor for some people joining an organisation - in order to feel they are part of a collective that campaigns and promotes the interests and welfare of its members.

Whilst we find that members often want to be represented, it is important that the organisation has a good understanding of the focus and key drivers for member representation. To whom do the members want to be represented? What views do they want communicated? What outcomes would they ideally like achieved? Campaigning and lobbying provides an opportunity for the organisation to engage with members and get them involved.

Research, both quantitative and qualitative, is a useful tool to further understand the requirements of members and how they want to be represented. By asking the right questions in a number of settings, we can provide valuable insight to allow the organisation to work more effectively for its members.

In our experience those organisations that successfully and carefully represent their members are more likely to have high levels of retention and strong advocacy amongst their members. This is certainly a case of actions speaking loudest.

by Danielle Jauncey, Senior Research Manager, Membership Team


This entry was posted in Membership, tagged Membership, Communication and posted on March 9, 2015

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