Why is it crucial to segment your members?

Within membership organisations, the database is one of the most valuable features. It usually shows an endless list of names (sometime thousands and thousands of members) with contact details, grades, career status, etc. Whilst the database is important to contact your members and keep them informed, the key question is understanding how each member differ from one another and how it impacts their expectations regarding benefits or the way they want to be communicated to. The similarities between groups of members can then be identified. 


This is where segmentation becomes highly beneficial. Most organisations already segment their members by career type, locations or years in membership but segmentation can go beyond this. Members can be clustered based on their attitudes, behaviours, needs, aspirations, expectations from the organisations and much more. The idea behind segmentation is to be able to create a series of personas which allows membership organisations to:


The best form of segmentation utilises a number of data sources and analysis:



The ultimate goal of segmentation is to understand the differing needs and expectations of members in order to improve their overall experience with the organisation.

By Rapha Quere, Senior Research Executive


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