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Will market research be replaced by web analytics services?

In a digitalized society, the amount of data available is overwhelming. There are so many possibilities from where we can extract information, making it more complicated to decide which source to use or how to use it. 

You can collect online data from customer databases, from social media, from applications, from browser history and the list can continue.


Probably one of the most successful tools that a company can now use is Google Analytics, which provides information about website users, instantly and at no cost. You are able to outline profiles/segments about your visitors and you can have an idea about demographic profile of your audience (age category, gender and even their interest categories).

So Google Analytics provides information about audiences, but the main question is whether this is enough? 

This really depends, on what type of business you have, what your objectives are and what you need to know about your stakeholders. It is important to decide what you want to know; and what information is relevant for your company/business. 

If you actually want to know their behaviour related to your website, to find the most relevant pages or interesting subjects for them, you can use Google Analytics. 


But, if you want to be able to make effective decisions, market research will give the opportunity to explain and contextualise the data. You will be able to create profiles of your audience and to have more in depth information, to acknowledge what is relevant for them, and understand their needs.

The advantage of market research is that you can personalise the questions and ask what is specific to you. Market research also allows you to pre-test products or services before launching them and to collect more information about your target audience and what appeal to them.

In conclusion, no matter how many web tools are available or will be in the future, you always need to ensure you have all the relevant data to make your business decision.

By Cristina Radu, Data Services Executive


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