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Bring it home to Birmingham!

Yet another report is issued, this time by the Birmingham Chamber of Commerce, about the success of Birmingham. This time the focus is on the city being the highest performing in Western Europe for its competitiveness in attracting inward investment.

The report suggests that Birmingham’s investment in transport links and modern office space has helped it emerge as an extremely popular business location; one where businesses can develop and grow. Research by Design wholly endorses this: growth has been our strategy for several years now and Birmingham is very much helping to facilitate that.

With growth comes the creation of jobs, and the job market is very buoyant in Birmingham. Such is the need to attract candidates with the skills to keep us at the top of our game that many of us are having to reach out to those who have not yet considered our city as a place to work (and possibly live).

So, in response to Birmingham Chamber’s report, my appeal would be to help us promote Birmingham. Help us show prospective new employees the delights of the city and the career opportunities that await them!

We are based on New Strret in city centre Birmingham, less than a minute from Grand Central: Work for us

The report can be found here: Birmingham Chamber of Commerce 

By Heather Forrester, Managing Director

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