Congratulations to Tereza and Lizzie on their promotions

Research by Design is thrilled to announce the promotion of Tereza Krtickova to Research Manager, and Lizzie Simkin to Research Executive.

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Tereza joined Research by Design in spring 2016 and quickly established herself as a pivotal member of the team progressively taking on more responsibilities as a researcher. She has a wealth of experience, and has played a key role on numerous projects. Tereza’s keen eye for detail is one of her top assets.

As a Research Manager, Tereza’s duties will involve designing, implementing, and leading qualitative and quantitative research studies. Additionally, Tereza will become more familiar with conducting interviews and focus group discussions, and analysing and interpreting data to present research findings.

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Lizzie Simkin joined Research by Design in April 2017. Lizzie initially started as a work experience student and we believed she had all the right qualities to be offered a permanent role within the Research by Design team. As a Research Assistant, Lizzie has shown a tremendous amount of growth and her ability to quickly learn new skills and techniques has been recognised as one of her greatest strengths.  

 As a Research Executive, Lizzie will take on the responsibilities of assisting in the planning of research projects, fieldwork data analysis and interpretation and reporting the results, for both qualitative and quantitative studies.

Please join us in congratulating Tereza and Lizzie on their promotions and new roles within the Research by Design team.

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