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RbD feature in guest blog by Access Group

After our work with the MemberWise Network, working together to deliver the Member Engagement Toolkit, Research by Design has recently featured in a guest blog for Access Group about member types and how to engage with them.

Within the blog, Access have focused on the topic of Member Engagement, where Memberwise, a professional network with over 4500 membership, have identified 12 member types for membership organisations. These should be considered when implementing their engagement strategy.

The 12 member types include:

-          Pioneers
-          Advocates
-          Respondents
-          Networks
-          Passive Supporters
-          Online (If Relevant) 
-          Shapers
-          Comparators
-          Knowledge/Skill Hungry
-          Politio-Socials
-          Non-engagers
-          Resistants
-          Learners
-          Consumers
-          Leaders
-          Disengaged
-          Unengaged
-          Disgruntled

 To read the blog and more information about member types, click here

To read more about the member engagement mode, click here. 

This entry was posted on September 5, 2017

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