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Playbook 3In this year’s Digital Excellence Survey, an overwhelming 90% of membership professionals who responded told us that a Member Value Proposition (MVP) is important for their organisation.

Can you tell there’s a “but” coming?

The “but” is that maturity in this area is still fairly low, with four in ten professionals saying that their organisation does not having a MVP at all. And for those that do have one, less than half are leveraging it fully by clearly communicating it both externally to members and internally to staff.

The good news is that this is a real area of opportunity for membership organisations and associations looking to achieve their top goals of increasing member engagement, acquisition and retentions. Developing a clear and compelling MVP can help you get to the roots of what matters to your members and help ensure that your membership strategy and related initiatives drive deep levels of engagement.

At Research by Design we’ve been working with organisations to help them get to grips with the MVP: what it is, why it matters, and how to effectively craft and implement it – as well as how to avoid common pitfalls. We focus on getting under the bonnet to really dig deep into the value concept, rather than just creating an MVP statement. Now we’ve distilled some of our knowledge and key learnings to help you on your MVP journey in the form of a new in-depth report that we’ll be publishing shortly.

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The RbD report is designed to help membership organisations with the process of value proposition design and take practical, achievable steps to evaluate their current offering and develop a member value proposition that will compel members to join and remain part of the organisation over time. It helps you tackle key steps such as:

  • Understanding the meaning and roots of value proposition design
  • Making the business case for engaging with it
  • Assessing your current member value proposition
  • Defining and implementing a new or refreshed value proposition
  • Avoiding common pitfalls encountered during the process.

We hope that you will find it both a helpful guide and informative read as you embark on your own member value proposition journey. Don’t forget to register below today to get your free copy as soon as it’s available!

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