rooted in the c of ee

Rooted in the Church of England

The Social Research team at Research by Design are well underway with a major research project commissioned by the Church of England Education Office. The research will help the Church to better understand the factors that contribute towards children and young people developing long lasting relationships with the Church. 

This builds on the work of the Church Growth Research Programme which has previously suggested that young people become disengaged with the church at key points of transition, such as at the ages of 11 or 17.

During the course of the year we will be undertaking a robust research programme with congregation parents and young people themselves.  A range of quantitative and qualitative approaches will be used including an innovative virtual online community, allowing us to open up conversations with young people in a variety of settings using a smartphone technique. 

Mary Hawes, National Children and Youth Adviser, comments that “We are delighted to be working with the team at Research by Design on what promises to be an extremely exciting initiative.”

The Research by Design team will also be advised by Dr James Noyes, an expert in the social study of religion, working in a similar capacity to other projects conducted in this sector over recent years.  

If you have been invited to participate in the study and would like some more information then please contact Dave Ruston on 0121 643 9090 or  Alternatively, if you have any queries about the overall project do feel free to contact Mary Hawes, National Children and Youth Adviser, on 020 7898 1504 or

Dave Ruston, Associate Director

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